Lionspaw Ragdolls

Available Ragdoll kittens for sale Patton PA

Lions Paw Ragdolls is a Hobby TICA Registered Ragdoll Breeder located in Patton, in Western Pennsylvania.

I specialize in breeding Traditional Ragdoll cats.

 I am a mother of four children and a registered nurse by profession, practicing nursing in Pennsylvania since 2007. I love being a caregiver in all aspects. Naturally, my medical background has helped me out tremendously throughout my years of breeding.

I do not breed ragdolls for a living. I consider my breeding program a “Hobby”. I have invested heavily in the highest quality bloodlines and hope to be able to show my beloved cats some day.

Over time,  I will be able to produce kittens in seal & blue with or without lynx, chocolate carriers and hopefully chocolate, lilac, and flame/cream & Tortie eventually.

Thanks for taking the time to read about me & my kitties!

I am registered with TICA under the Cattery pre-fix Lionspaw as of 2021.

I take great pride in my cats & kittens. I consider myself to be a preservation breeder, breeding to produce as close to the written standards as possible, with an emphasis on good temperament, and healthy genetics in order to produce cats & kittens who will be loving pets.

Available Ragdoll kittens for sale Patton PA